5 Concrete Driveway Repair Benefits, and Common Questions Answered

It’s no secret that driveway repair is necessary at some point. Even if you have the most pristine driveway in town, it will eventually need to be repaired. It’s important for homeowners in Melbourne, FL know what they are getting into before repairing their driveway.

There are many benefits of driveway repair, including: increased curb appeal and property value, decreased storm water runoff and erosion from rainwater, reduced concrete deterioration because of UV exposure, or salt content in winter ice melt fluids.

There are also many types of driveway repair, including: crack sealing (repairs cracks in concrete), driveway resurfacing (applying surface material to the top layer of concrete and then topping it off with a new finish coat), repairing potholes (creating a level surface by removing any low points or high spots)

In this blog post we’ll go over these benefits and common questions homeowners in Melbourne, FL have about concrete driveway repair.

1. It increases the lifespan of your driveway

Concrete is a durable material. However, it can crack and split over time because of weathering or improper sealing practices. Concrete driveway repair will strengthen the damaged areas of your driveway with fillers such as gravel and sand that are tamped into place by hand or using machines. This can prevent driveway deterioration in the future.

2. Driveway repair is cost effective.

A damaged driveway is an expensive fix. Driveway replacement can cost anywhere from $15-40 per square foot of concrete, depending on the type and your location in North America. This means that if you have a 1000 sq ft driveway to replace with new concrete it will cost between $15,000 – 40,000 dollars!

Concrete driveway repair costs significantly less than a full driveway replacement or any other form of major repairs like asphalt overlay. The average price for installing patches onto a cracked or spalled driveway ranges around $0.60-$0.90 per square foot which amounts to approximately $700-$1250 for 100 sq ft patching job, not including sealing services.

3. It can increase the visual appeal of your driveway.

Concrete driveway repair can be used to make your driveway look brand new. Fillers are tamped into place and blended in with the concrete by hand or machine. This will give your driveway a fresh, clean appearance that will last for years as long as it is sealed regularly.

The repairs are best done when there’s no water present on the surface of the driveway because this would cause cracks in any patches made during installation.

That’s why you should wait until fall to do concrete driveway repair after the rainy summer season in Melbourne, FL has passed. If not, they could lead to cracking and possible breakage down the line.

4. It can make your driveway safer and more accessible.

A driveway is one of the most used portions of a home. It provides access to and from your driveway, parking area or garage. Repairing a driveway can prevent accidents caused by uneven surfaces or cracks in the driveway that lead to tripping hazards.

Taking care of concrete before it gets too damaged will help make sure you have a safe place for vehicles and people walking on it.

Repairing broken concrete also makes it easier on those who are physically challenged as well because they won’t be at risk for slipping on cracked sidewalks due to improper repair practices.

driveway repair
Driveway repair in Melbourne, FL

5. Concrete driveway repair can increase the value of your home.

Concrete driveway repair is a great way to improve curb appeal and make your driveway look brand new. This will help you sell your property faster and for more money than if it had been neglected.

It can also help you get a better price on your driveway if it has needed repair for months. Homeowners will be more willing to pay for driveway repairs before they buy a home if the driveway is in good condition.

Commonly asked questions about concrete driveway repair:

What types of damage warrant repair?:

If you have hairline cracks and spalls, it’s best to wait until they get worse before repairing them so that there won’t be more costly problems down the line

If you have any driveway that is sloped towards the house, it will also need to be repaired before water stands can create puddles and eventually cracks.

How long does concrete driveway repair last?:

The lifespan of driveway repairs varies depending on how often they are sealed. If done properly with adequate sealing practices, driveway repairs can last up to 15 years before needing to be repaired again.

Why is driveway repair better than replacement?:

It’s a cheaper, more cost-effective solution to driveway repairs that will improve the appearance of your driveway while still providing safety and accessibility. It also reduces risk for tripping hazards or issues with access when repairing concrete before it becomes too damaged. It is best to have driveway repair expert install a new concrete driveway or resurface your old driveway using a sealer.

Can I paint over my repaired driveway?:

Paint on top of new patches may look good at first but could eventually fade away and peel. This can happen if the driveway is not properly sealed and protected from the elements.

What are driveway sealers?:

Concrete driveway sealers are a liquid or a paste that is applied to driveway cracks and joints with the goal of sealing them. The sealer dries, creating an invisible barrier between the concrete surface and surrounding elements, such as rainwater.

– These sealers are primarily for driveway repair but can also be used on patios or other concrete surfaces in order to prevent water damage.

– They are an inexpensive driveway repair solution, especially when compared to a full driveway replacement, and will last for years if the surface is maintained regularly.

Can I repair damage caused by a driveway sealer?:

No, driveway sealers are designed to create an impervious layer that prevents seepage, which means it will be difficult for concrete driveway coating products to bond with material underneath or behind the surface of the driveway. When getting your driveway sealed, ensure the driveway will be dry for at least three days to prevent any water from entering and causing unwanted issues.

When should I repair my concrete driveway?:

If you have hairline cracks and spalls, it’s best to wait until they get worse before repairing them so that there won’t be more costly problems down the line.

It is important to start repairs as soon as possible once any damage has been done because this will prevent further issues from arising due to deterioration.

There are many benefits like increased curb appeal, less risk for tripping hazards which make concrete driveway repair worth considering if needed!

It also costs significantly less than replacing an entire driveway with new material which makes having concrete driveway repair professionally installed well worth the investment.

When repair isn’t an option

If your driveway has been severely damaged and is not a cost-effective option to repair, driveway replacement should be considered instead. If you want to look more into replacing your driveway we have another blog post that can help you decide. [post linked here]

Having a driveway that is professionally repaired will help restore your property value while providing an eye-catching curb appeal. If you need any assistance, our experts at Manatee Concrete are always on standby to perform any concrete repair jobs efficiently and effectively.


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